Network connects coalitions throughout Illinois

In September 2013, IPHI officially launched the Healthy and Active Communities Network, a peer learning network of local coalitions and community partnerships working towards sustainable improvements in healthy eating and active living through policy, systems and environmental change. Over 50 local coalitions or partnerships from every corner of Illinois participate in the Network. Want to learn more about who participates in the Network? Check out the Directory.

On September 26, IPHI hosted a webinar for Network affiliates entitled Rethink Your Drink: Transforming Beverage Environments (recording of webinar available here; brief registration required), which featured national expert on healthy hospital initiatives Stacia Clinton, RD, LDN, of Healthcare without Harm, as well as Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH, founder and director of the genH coalition in Springfield, IL. IPHI will continue to host bi-monthly webinars about timely topics relevant to local coalitions in Illinois, check for future events!

Join us for the next peer learning opportunity!

When:                  November 29, 2-3PM

What:                    Webinar: What Local Coalitions Need to Know About Competitive Foods in Schools

Now, more than ever, schools are becoming the heart of health. Passed in 2010, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act requires that the USDA issue standards for “competitive foods” sold in schools (i.e., snack foods and beverages served and sold in vending machines, a la carte lines and stores). Although schools are concerned about the financial implications of stricter standards, evidence demonstrates a positive connection between well-implemented, healthy “competitive foods” policies and student behavior and health.

Presenters will share research describing the health and financial impact of “competitive food” policies, define what a quality policy entails, and provide resources to help local coalitions support schools in creating and adopting improved district level policies. Learn how local coalitions can also help strengthen the national standards through monitoring and participating in the USDA rule-making process.

Presenters:        Jamie F. Chriqui, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

                                Elissa Bassler, CEO, Illinois Public Health Institute

How:                     Click here to register for the webinar