Healthy Farms, Healthy People – October 23, 2012

Target Audience: Health and agricultural stakeholders including, but not limited to: farmers; public health and food safety practitioners; food processors, food, nutrition and health entrepreneurs; interested consumers; and advocates for local food systems, farmers markets, urban farming, healthy food access, and farm to school/institution.

Purpose: Healthy Farms, Healthy People is a symposium that explores the intersection of food policy, agriculture, and health. Keynote speakers and plenary sessions will be followed by working roundtables that discuss and generate possible solutions to the challenges of the Illinois food system. The goal of this meeting is the production of a catalytic policy and research agenda that: (1) advances the creation of a local food system and improves public health, (2) lends itself to participatory and transdisciplinary methods and approaches, and (3) is better addressed jointly by health and agricultural stakeholders working together – not by either sector acting alone.

Session Topics will focus on the issues related to the following:

  • Food Access and Food Justice
  • Food Safety on Farms and in Processing
  • Food Production and Supply
  • Legal and Regulatory Barriers to Food Procurement

Registration: Space is limited.

Cost: Early-Bird Cost (before October 1): $30, after October 1, $60.

A locally-sourced, healthy lunch will be provided. For more information, contact Illinois Public Health Institute at (312) 850-4744.


Illinois Public Health Institute
Illinois Local Food, Farms & Jobs Council
Illinois Stewardship Alliance
Co-Sponsors/Planning Team

Center for Excellence in the Elimination of Disparities
Fresh Taste

Healthy Farms Healthy People
Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity
Illinois Association of Public Health Administrators
Illinois Department of Public Health
Illinois Farmers Market Association
Illinois Farmers’ Market Task Force
National Farm To School Network
National Network of Public Health Institutes
Northern Illinois University, Center for Governmental Studies
Office of the Lieutenant Governor: Governor’s Rural Affairs Council

Saint Louis University